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12 October 2017



Splendid blog you have here. Sorry for potentially derailing the comments section for this entry (ironically it mentions 'sidetrack[ing],' and here I am doing something akin!); what follows relates to the Eva Hesse-themed entry you posted last year (comments are 'closed' for that). After watching Marcia Begleiter's Eva Hesse film and becoming intrigued about the whereabouts of Hesse's grave with its Sol Lewitt-designed marker that you touched on in your post, I did a bit of searching around and came up with a possible answer. In lieu of being able to leave a comment in the relevant place, I emailed you a while ago, but haven't so far had a reply. Possibly it was auto-swept into your 'Trash' folder? I tried to make the heading as clear and specific and as non-spam looking as I could ("Eva Hesse grave marker"), but accept that in the world of Facebook and Twitter and so on, the old-style email can get overlooked in the hubbub, or get zapped by overzealous modern email filtration systems. Perhaps you could check to see if it's still there? I can send it again if it isn't (if you want me to). I've long been an admirer of Hesse's work, especially the late pieces, and would like to know where her final resting place is as much as you indicate you would. I think with the info emailed you might be able to confirm where I think it lies.

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